Error Codes

In the Babel Licensing Service, error codes play a crucial role in efficiently communicating and handling various issues that may arise during interactions with the licensing system. These error codes, along with their corresponding descriptions, are used to construct detailed error messages that provide valuable insights into the nature of encountered problems.

This set of error codes is specifically designed to address and classify errors related to three main server features in the Babel Licensing Service: Floating Licenses, License Activation, and Reports. Each error code corresponds to a unique scenario, allowing developers and clients to quickly identify and respond to specific issues.

Below is a comprehensive list of error codes, categorized according to their respective features, along with brief descriptions detailing the nature of each error. The StatusCode refer to the corresponding RpcException status raised by the Babel Licensing Service to the client.

Common Errors

This category encompasses a range of frequently encountered issues that can occur across various functionalities within the Babel Licensing Service. These errors are fundamental in nature and affect both the Floating License and License Activation features.

  • LicenseKeyNotFound: License key not found (StatusCode.NotFound)

  • LicenseRevoked: The license has been revoked (StatusCode.PermissionDenied)

  • LicenseExpired: The license has expired (StatusCode.PermissionDenied)

  • TokenExpired: The license token has expired (StatusCode.PermissionDenied)

  • LicenseTampered: The license has been tampered (StatusCode.DataLoss)

  • TokenNotFound: License token not found (StatusCode.NotFound)

  • TokenTampered: License token has been tampered (StatusCode.DataLoss)

  • ServerReachedMaxTokenAllowed: The server has reached the maximum number of license tokens allowed (StatusCode.PermissionDenied)

Floating License Errors

This category pertains specifically to errors related to the usage and management of floating licenses within the Babel Licensing Service.

  • LicenseReachedMaxClients: The maximum number of concurrent users for the license has been reached (StatusCode.ResourceExhausted)

  • LicenseAlreadyAssigned: The requested floating license has already been assigned (StatusCode.InvalidArgument)

License Activation Errors

This category encompasses a range of errors that may occur during license activation, such as the requirement for a valid machine code to activate the license successfully.

  • MachineCodeRequiredToActivate: The machine code is required for license activation (StatusCode.InvalidArgument)

  • LicenseTemplateNotFound: A license template could not be found for the selected license (StatusCode.NotFound)

  • LicenseMaxActivationReached: The license has reached the maximum number of activations allowed (StatusCode.ResourceExhausted)

  • LicenseAlreadyActivated: The license has already been activated (StatusCode.AlreadyExists)

  • LicenseNotActivated: The license has not been activated (StatusCode.FailedPrecondition)

  • LicenseNotActivationMode: Cannot use this license for activation (StatusCode.FailedPrecondition)

Reporting Errors

This category pertains to issues specifically related to reporting functionalities within the Babel Licensing Service.

  • NotAuthorizedToSendReport: Client is not authorized to send reports.(StatusCode.PermissionDenied)

These StatusCode codes indicate the type of GRPC status associated with each error message. They are used along with the error descriptions to construct instances of the Status class for returning GRPC errors of type RpcException in the Babel Licensing Service to client applications.

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