General Features

Fully managed licensing system

Babel Licensing provides a fully managed licensing system for applications and software components. This means that developers can easily manage the licensing process for their software and ensure that it is being used in compliance with their licensing terms. The system provides a range of licensing options, including trial licenses, hardware-locked licenses, domain-restricted licenses, and feature-based licenses.

Based on digitally signed software licenses

Digitally signed software licenses are a secure and reliable method of licensing software applications and components. Babel Licensing uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms to digitally sign licenses and ensure they are protected against tampering and modification.

Babel Licensing provides two options for storing software licenses: in an XML file or in an encoded string. When you store a license in an XML file, the license data is stored in an XML format that can be easily read and manipulated by software applications. Alternatively, licenses can be stored as an encoded string. In this format, the license data is encoded into a string of characters that can be easily embedded into an application or transmitted over the network. This format is useful when you need to distribute licenses as part of your software installation process or when you need to activate licenses remotely.

Both storage options provide a secure and flexible way to manage software licenses using Babel Licensing. The choice between XML files and encoded strings will depend on your specific needs and the requirements of your software application

Compatible with any .NET technology

Babel Licensing is compatible with any .NET technology, including:

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (v2.0 to v4.8)

  • .NET Standard



  • Xamarin

  • UWP

  • Mono

The Babel Licensing Services is available for any OS supporting .NET 6 or .NET 7, including Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Works with all common development environments, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Flexible licensing model

Babel Licensing offers a flexible licensing model that includes a range of license types to meet the needs of software developers. Here are the key features of the different license types available in Babel Licensing:

  1. Trial licenses: Trial licenses allow users to evaluate the software before purchasing it. The license typically has a limited time period or feature set, after which the user must purchase a full license to continue using the software. Babel Licensing supports trial licenses that can be time-limited or feature-limited, allowing developers to control access to specific parts of the software during the trial period.

  2. Hardware-locked licenses: Hardware-locked licenses are tied to a specific device, such as a computer or dongle. This type of license provides an additional layer of security and prevents unauthorized use of the software on other devices. Babel Licensing supports hardware-locked licenses that can be locked to a specific hardware ID or dongle.

  3. Feature-based licenses: Feature-based licenses allow developers to control access to specific features or modules within the software. This type of license is useful for applications that have different pricing tiers or editions. Babel Licensing supports feature-based licenses that can be configured to allow or restrict access to specific features based on the license type.

  4. Custom license restrictions: Babel Licensing also provides the flexibility to create custom license types that fit specific licensing requirements. This allows developers to create licenses that are tailored to their specific needs, while also ensuring that the software is only used as intended.

  5. Customizable license fields: Custom license fields allows software developers to create and manage their own custom data fields within the license file. These custom fields can be used to store any information related to the license, such as customer information, licensing terms, or other metadata.

Overall Babel Licensing provides a flexible and powerful tool for software developers to create licenses that fit their specific needs. With the ability to define custom licensing terms and conditions, enforce license restrictions, and add custom metadata, Babel Licensing helps protect against the unauthorized use and piracy of software while also providing developers with valuable insights into how their customers are using their software.

Integrated SDK to fully automate any licensing process

Babel Licensing provides an integrated SDK that allows developers to fully automate any licensing process. The SDK includes a range of tools and features, such as license generation, activation, and validation, and can be easily integrated into any build system or continuous integration pipeline.

Supports MSbuild and Command Line Interface

Babel Licensing supports MSbuild and a Command Line Interface (CLI), making it easy to automate the licensing process as part of the build and deployment process. The MSBuild task and CLI tools allow developers to easily generate license files, activate licenses, and validate licenses as part of the build process.

Babel Licensing Database

Babel Licensing includes a database to manage licenses and software activations. Babel Licensing Database supports different database providers, such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and MySQL. This means that developers can choose the database provider that best meets their needs, and easily manage licenses using a database.

Floating licenses and License Activation

Babel Licensing provides Babel Licensing Services, a centralized solution for managing floating licenses and software activation licenses over a network. With Babel Licensing Services, developers can easily manage and monitor licenses across the network, making it easy to ensure that licenses are being used properly and in compliance with licensing terms.

Fully integrated with Babel Obfuscator

Babel Licensing is fully integrated with Babel Obfuscator, providing top obfuscation and protection features for software and intellectual property. By integrating Babel Licensing with Babel Obfuscator, developers can ensure that their software is protected against reverse engineering and other attacks.

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