Creating License Template

In this section, we will explore the process of creating a license template for your product in the Babel User Interface. We will utilize a key file provided by the examples, showcasing the functionalities of Floating Licenses, License Activation, and License Files. With this key file, you can configure your license template to align with your licensing model and generate licenses seamlessly. With a well-defined template in place, you can streamline the license creation process and efficiently manage your licensing strategy.

To create the license template for your test client, follow these steps:

  1. Start by configuring the product using the provided key pair file, "Keys.snk" you can find inside the project folder.

    • Access the Babel User Interface and navigate to the Data section.

    • Click on the "Products" link to manage your products.

    • Select the option to create a new product and enter the relevant details, such as the product name and description.

    • In the "Signature" section, click on the "New" button to create a new key pair.

    • Select the Open Folder icon located near the "New Product Keys" and load the key pair from "Keys.snk" file. This will be used to sign the licenses generated for this product.

    • Save the product configuration to register it in the Babel Licensing Database.

  2. Next, create the template license associated with the product:

    • Navigate to the "Templates" option under the Data navigation group.

    • Click on the "New" button in the License Templates header to create a new template.

    • In the License Template panel displayed, select the previously created product from the associated product dropdown list.

    • Enter the necessary template information, such as the license template name, license type, features, and any specific fields required.

    • Choose the desired license format for the generated licenses, such as XML, XML (dsig), ASCII, or BASE32.

    • Click the "Generate" button to create the license template and then save the template configuration to store it in the Babel Licensing Database.

By following these steps, you have successfully created the license template for your test client. The template is associated with the specific product and utilizes the provided key pair file, "Keys.snk", for license signing. This ensures that licenses generated from this template will be properly signed and validated by the Babel Licensing Service. You can now proceed with generating licenses based on this template to enable license activation for your test client application.

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