Getting Started

The Babel Licensing Service API, is a key component of Babel Licensing that supports the Web API protocol to enhance compatibility with applications that requires a REST API interface access.

After configuring the Babel Licensing Service to accept HTTP/1.1 connections, verify in the appsettings.json file that the 'EnableWebApi' setting is activated. This ensures that the Babel Licensing Service API is operational and accessible.


The configuration settings for the Babel Licensing Service that are designed to control Web API for functionality and security can be found in the Application section:

"Application": {
  "EnableWebApi": true,
  "ApiKeyHeaderName": "x-api-key",
  "ApiKeyCacheDuration": "00:05:00",
  "EnableSwagger": true,
  "SwaggerRoutePrefix": "swagger",
  "SwaggerEndpointUrl": "/swagger/v1/swagger.json"
  1. "EnableWebApi": true - This activates the Web API functionality.

  2. "ApiKeyHeaderName": "x-api-key" - Defines the name of the header to be used for API key authentication.

  3. "ApiKeyCacheDuration": "00:05:00" - Sets the duration for caching the API key, formatted as hours:minutes:seconds.

  4. "EnableSwagger": true - Enables Swagger, a tool for documenting APIs, making it easier to understand and test the API.

  5. "SwaggerRoutePrefix": "swagger" - Sets the URL prefix for accessing the Swagger UI.

  6. "SwaggerEndpointUrl": "/swagger/v1/swagger.json" - Specifies the endpoint URL for the Swagger JSON file, which contains the API's documentation.

The access to the Babel Licensing Service API can be facilitated through the Swagger UI.

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