Managing and Tracking Licenses in Babel Licensing Service


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

This method is used to obtain details about license tokens associated with a specific license. It enables users to query and view information related to both floating license tokens and license activation tokens under a particular license. This is crucial for monitoring how each license's tokens are distributed and used, ensuring alignment with compliance and licensing strategies.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

The POST method is instrumental in generating new license tokens for a given license. Whether it’s for issuing new floating license tokens or activation tokens, this method plays a key role in expanding or renewing the licensing capabilities associated with a particular license. It is essential for granting additional access under an existing license or for activating new user or device rights.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

Utilizing the DELETE method revokes and removes a license token from a specific license. This is a necessary action when a token is no longer needed, such as in cases of license expiration or termination of user access. It is an important aspect of license management, helping to keep the licensing system streamlined and free from redundant or invalid tokens.

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