Integrating Product Details with Orders

The Order Products relation in the Babel Licensing API establishes a crucial link between customer orders and the specific products contained within those orders. This relationship is essential for providing a detailed and accurate overview of the products that are part of each transaction.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The GET method is designed to access detailed information about the products included in a specific order. It enables users to query and view product details such as type, quantity, specifications, and any other relevant data tied to the products within an order.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The POST method facilitates adding new products to an existing order. It is used to update an order with additional products, specifying details like product IDs, quantities, and other pertinent product information.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

Utilizing the PUT method allows for modifications to the product details of existing orders. This could involve changing product types, adjusting quantities, or updating other product-related information in the order.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The DELETE method is used to remove specific products from an order.

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