Management API

This section offers a detailed and comprehensive exploration of each endpoint defined by the specification and provides a clear and concise information about the various API functionalities.

For each endpoint, you will find essential details such as the HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.), the specific path or URL, a brief summary, and an in-depth description when available.

Additionally, this reference includes a breakdown of the request parameters, highlighting their names, locations (such as query, header, path, or body), data types, and any default values or constraints. The responses for each endpoint are also thoroughly detailed, outlining the expected status codes, the structure of the response body, and the meaning of each field in the response.

Examples of both requests and responses are provided to offer practical insights into how the API can be used in real-world scenarios. This section is an invaluable resource for developers and integrators, providing the necessary information to effectively interact with the Babel Licensing API, ensuring smooth integration and optimal use of its capabilities.

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