License Templates

License Templates: Blueprint for Streamlined License Creation


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

This method is employed to access information about existing license templates. It allows users to view details such as the components, features, and restrictions defined in each template. This functionality is crucial for understanding the predefined licensing frameworks and ensuring they align with the current product and licensing strategies.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

The POST method facilitates the creation of new license templates. It enables users to define a new set of licensing terms and conditions that will be applied to future licenses created from this template. This method is essential for setting up new licensing structures for upcoming product releases or updates.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

Utilizing the PUT method allows for modifications to existing license templates. This could include updating the terms and conditions, adapting the template to new product versions, or altering other key attributes. This method is crucial for maintaining the relevance of license templates in response to evolving product features or licensing requirements.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

The DELETE method is used to delete existing license templates from the system. This action might be necessary when a template is outdated, replaced by a newer version, or no longer applicable to the current product lineup. It is an important aspect of managing the lifecycle of license templates, ensuring that only relevant and current templates are in use.

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