Assemblies: Licensing .NET Components with Babel Licensing


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

This method is used for accessing detailed information about specific assemblies managed by the Babel Licensing Service. This functionality is crucial for monitoring and managing the software components that are licensed, ensuring they are up-to-date and compliant with the licensed applications.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

The POST method facilitates the registration of new assemblies within the system. It is used to add new assembly details.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

Utilizing the PUT method allows for modifications to the information of existing assemblies. This could involve updating the version details. This method is vital for keeping the assembly information current and accurate, reflecting any updates or changes in the software components.


Roles: Administrator, LicenseManager

The DELETE method is used to remove assembly records from the Babel Licensing Service. This action may be necessary when an assembly is no longer in use, has been superseded by a newer version, or when it's necessary to clean up outdated records.

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