In the Babel Licensing Service API, the 'Customers' section is dedicated to managing the details and interactions of customers who use or are affected by the licensing system. This segment is pivotal in maintaining a comprehensive database of customer information, which is crucial for a variety of business operations including licensing, support, and relationship management.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

This method is used to obtain detailed information about customers registered in the system. It enables the querying and viewing of customer profiles, including contact details, licensing information, and historical interactions. This functionality is crucial for providing customer support, understanding customer needs, and maintaining accurate records for communication and relationship management.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The POST method facilitates the addition of new customer records to the system. It is used to input new customer data, such as personal details, contact information, and relevant notes. This method is essential for onboarding new customers, ensuring their information is captured accurately and efficiently for future interactions and licensing management.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

Utilizing the PUT method allows for the modification of existing customer records. It is employed to update details such as contact information, customer preferences, or any other relevant data points. This method is vital for keeping customer information current and relevant, reflecting any changes in their status or preferences.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The DELETE method is used to remove customer records from the system. This may be necessary in cases where a customer relationship ends, or data needs to be purged for compliance reasons. It is an important aspect of data management, ensuring that the system reflects the current and active customer base and complies with data retention policies.

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