Core of Licensing and Release Management

The 'Products' section of the Babel Licensing API is a component dedicated to managing Products and their associated Releases. In the framework of Babel Licensing, Products represent the heart of the licensing system, as they encompass the licensed applications or a collective group of licensed applications. This section is essential for controlling and overseeing the lifecycle of these Products and their various iterations or versions.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The GET method in the Products section is used for querying and obtaining detailed information about various Products within the Babel Licensing system. It enables users to view comprehensive data on each Product, including its description, current Releases, and associated licensing terms.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The POST method facilitates the introduction of new Products into the Babel Licensing system. It is used to define and add new Products, specifying essential details such as the product name, description, and initial licensing parameters such as the encryption keys used to digitally sign the licenses.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

Utilizing the PUT method allows for modifications to the details of existing Products. This could involve updating product descriptions.


Roles: Administrator, Sales

The DELETE method is used to remove Product records from the Babel Licensing system.

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