Getting Started

Babel Licensing provides a comprehensive suite of components and tools that allow developers to build and manage licensed applications. These components can be used to manage licenses on the client and server side, providing a complete infrastructure for handling licensed applications.

The server-side components of Babel Licensing include:

  1. Babel Licensing Database: This is a database that stores license-related information such as license keys, expiration dates, and license usage. It supports different database providers such as SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. The database can be installed on-premises or on a cloud platform.

  2. Babel Licensing Services: This is a centralized service that manages licenses over a network. It provides features such as license activation, license validation, and floating licenses. The service can be installed on-premises or on a cloud platform.

The client-side component of Babel Licensing are:

  1. Babel.Licensing NuGet package: This provides .NET client libraries to access the Babel Licensing Services.

  2. Babel.Data NuGet package: Provides the types to access the Babel Licensing Database.

These client-side components allow developers to integrate licensing into their applications and manage licenses from within the application.

In addition to these components, Babel Licensing also includes additional tools such as the lic CLI application. This dotnet tool can be used to generate digitally signed license files. This tool is useful for automating the license generation process and can be integrated into any build system.

Overall, Babel Licensing provides a complete infrastructure for handling licensed applications, from managing licenses on the server to integrating licensing into client applications.

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