The Emails page of the Babel Licensing WordPress Plugin is designed to manage email templates used for communicating with customers during various events within the WordPress system. This page allows administrators to efficiently create, edit, and manage the templates that facilitate communication related to events such as new orders, license support expirations, trial terminations, and license expirations.

Grid Columns

  1. Id: Displays a unique identifier for each email template, facilitating easy reference and management.

  2. Name: Shows the name of the email template, which typically indicates its purpose or the specific event it addresses (e.g., "Trial License Expiration").

  3. Created At: Indicates the date and time when the email template was created, providing a timeline of template development.

  4. Updated At: Displays the most recent date and time the template was updated, helping track changes and revisions.

  5. Description: Provides a brief overview of the email template's function or the content it includes, assisting in quickly identifying the appropriate template for a given situation.

Actionable Buttons

Each row associated with an email includes a set of actionable buttons that provide the following functionalities:

  1. Edit (Pencil Icon): Each row includes an edit button, enabling the modification of existing email templates. This feature is crucial for updating the content or adjusting the template's triggers based on evolving communication needs.

  2. Delete (Trash Can Icon): This button permits the removal of an email template from the system. It should be used with caution, as deleting a template may impact ongoing processes that depend on automated email notifications.

  3. Download (Download Icon): Allows for the downloading of the email template's content, useful for backup or for use outside the WordPress environment.


  • Add Email: To manually add a new license template, click the Add button located at the top of the page. This action opens a form where you can enter the template name, mode, and other pertinent details.

  • Search and Filter: A search bar along with filtering options is available to quickly locate specific email or narrow down the list based on criteria such as email name, mode or template type.

  • Sorting: Clicking on the column headers sorts the list by that column, allowing for an organized display according to Id, name, which facilitates easier management.

Usage Scenarios and Best Practices

  • Automated Communications: Set up and maintain email templates for automated communications to ensure customers receive timely updates about their licenses and any related activities.

  • Template Updates: Regularly review and update templates to align with current business practices, legal requirements, and branding guidelines.

The Emails page is a vital tool within the Babel Licensing WordPress Plugin, enabling administrators to oversee and handle the automated email communications sent to customers. By using this page effectively, businesses can ensure consistent and professional communication that enhances customer engagement and supports license management activities.

Email Edit

The Edit Email page serves as an essential tool for tailoring email templates sent to customers after specific actions, such as purchasing a new license or when a license is due to expire. This interface allows administrators to create customized emails that not only improve the overall customer experience but also streamline the process of managing licenses efficiently.

The rich text editor for the email message allows comprehensive formatting options including font size, style, and alignment, making it possible to design emails that align with corporate branding or specific communication standards.

The editor supports the insertion of dynamic content variables like {CustomerName}, {ProductName}, {UserKey}, and {ProductDownloadLink}. These placeholders are replaced with actual user and product information when the email is sent, personalizing the message based on the recipient's details and the specific transaction.

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