Lic CLI Tool

The Lic CLI Tool, also known as lic.exe, is a powerful and versatile command line tool offered by Babel Licensing. It serves as a comprehensive solution for managing software licenses through command-line interfaces. The Lic CLI Tool is available in two forms: as a dotnet tool and as an executable file, providing flexibility and compatibility for various development environments.

As a dotnet tool, Lic CLI can be easily installed through Babel.Licensing.Tool NuGet package and managed using the dotnet command-line interface (CLI). It seamlessly integrates with existing .NET projects and workflows, allowing developers to incorporate license generation and management tasks directly into their build processes or automation scripts. The dotnet tool version of Lic CLI ensures a seamless development experience for .NET developers.

The Lic CLI Tool empowers users to automate the generation, configuration, and management of license files with ease. It offers a wide range of features and options, including setting license IDs, defining license types, specifying expiration dates, adding licensees and product information, setting restrictions, and configuring output file settings. By utilizing the Lic CLI Tool, developers and licensing administrators can efficiently integrate license management tasks into their workflows and streamline their licensing processes.

To install the Lic CLI Tool as a dotnet tool, please refer to the section titled "Installing Babel Licensing Lic CLI Tool" for detailed instructions.

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